What Makes Byron G. Sabol Different From Other Speakers?

He delivers on his mantra: “Messages that do not create positive behavioral change are a waste of the audience’s time and a waste of the speaker’s time. Neither my audiences nor I have time to waste!”


"Byron: You were the star of the day!"

Comments made by delegates included: 'enjoyable, original; inspired, strong delivery, dynamic, used great examples, reinforced and helped my focus’. "As an organizer, I would highly recommend Byron!" Chris Kohut - Director- Century Communication - London, UK

"Mr. Sabol: Your presentation at the Managing Partners Conference in Brussels was top drawer in both content and delivery. As you know we had senior management from eight countries from Germany to Mexico. Your stimulating presentation made our Conference a huge success." Henry Anson - Sales Director - The Ark Group - London, United Kingdom

Byron Sabol
  • Audiences leave his presentations not only energized; they leave with knowledge they can immediately use to advance their career and business interests.

"Dear Byron: Your presentation on Developing Client Advocates is one of the most straight forward and immediately useful presentations I have heard in a long time." Richard Grome – Financial Planners Association – Atlanta, GA

"Dear Byron: I hope you had an enjoyable trip back home after that stimulating presentation to us on the ‘Strategic Success of Our Firms’. The presentation was timely for four our growing accountancy practice in Kenya. We intend to develop our practice further using the guidelines used in the presentation.” Owen N. Koimburi – Name Partner – Koimburi, Tucker & Muya (CPA Firm) – Kenya, Africa

  • Byron inspires through his unique ability to connect with each and every audience.

“Byron: It was a great pleasure to hear you speak at the Insurance and Accounting Systems Association Mid-Atlantic Conference. Your presentation was very inspirational and motivational." Jill Kelley Business Development Manager – Berkheimer OneSource - Newark, NJ

“Byron: I found your presentation valuable, stimulating, and rejuvenating.” Dan Davis – Architect (AIA) – Port St. Lucie, FL (National Assoc. of Home Builders National Convention)

  • Plain and simple: Byron G. Sabol delivers!!

"Byron: You are a superstar!” Louise Anderson – President – Incentive Marketing Association

Byron presented for the fourth year-in-a-row at the 2015 MedAssets National Business Summit at the Mandalay Hotel in Las Vegas, which is attended each year by more than 20,000 medical and healthcare professionals.

"Byron, attached are the raw scores from your session, with averages at the bottom. As usual, you were among the top ranked sessions in all three categories. I sincerely appreciate your professionalism and support of our educational sessions . Byron; let’s do it again next year!" Joe [Joseph] Lopinot | Director, Contracting, Laboratory Division | MedAssets

More Comments
  • “Could have had more time...very inspirational speaker with a wealth of information to share.”
  • “Could have used more time. He was great!”
  • “Excellent speaker.”
  • “Great speaker. By far the best educational session of the day.”
  • “Great speaker. I could have easily stayed engaged for another hour.”
  • “One of my favorite speakers.”
  • “The poem at the end was very inspirational.”
  • “Best session!”
  • “Great job!”
  • "Great session and valuable information."
  • “This will definitely help me to improve my business relationships.”



Speaking Schedules

Every presentation by international business consultant and keynote speaker Byron G. Sabol is customized to the specific needs and interests of the audience. Audiences leave his presentations not only energized; they leave with knowledge they can immediately use to advance their career and business interests.

Upcoming Engagements

Recent Events

•Meeting Professionals International (MPI)

Ponte Vedra Beach, FL


•Illinois Landscape Contractors Association

Schaumburg, Illinois


•Association of Legal Administrators (ALA)

Orlando, Florida


•American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF)
  Annual Convention

Orlando, Florida


•AAA-CPA Fall Conference

Charleston, SC


•American Association of Healthcare
  Administrative Management - AAHAM

Edinburgh, Indiana


•Association for Talent Development ATD

Jacksonville, FL


•Med-Assets National Business Summit

Mandalay Bay Hotel - Las Vegas, NV


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Byron G. Sabol Presentation Topics:

Maximizing Stakeholder Value

This stimulating presentation demonstrates Seven Proven Steps for taking stakeholder relationships to a higher, more meaningful level by producing advocates. Advocates say great things about you to their own influential contacts, while opening doors for you to new meaningful opportunities. Cultivating advocates is one of the most effective means for business professionals to: (1) Advance their personal and career goals; (2) Reduce the time needed to meet key decision makers; (3.) Persuade others to their point-of-view; (4.) Generate new business; and (5.) Increase their sphere of influence.

In today’s complex and competitive business environment, these Seven Proven Steps will place audience members on the direct path to achieving greater personal and professional success. The content in this presentation - based on my 30 years of working for and with some of the brightest and most successful business professionals in the US and Abroad - is original and unique. To the best of my knowledge, no one is presenting these concepts.

Success With Difficult People

Frustrated from trying to communicate with that difficult co-worker, boss, student or colleague? We all experience individuals whose communications and personality can present roadblocks to effective face-to-face communications and productivity. This presentation draws from Byron’s 30 years communications experience with professionals in three continents and his book, “Taming The Beast: Success With Difficult People" [ByeCap Press], to demonstrate how professionals can learn to communicate and to deal with challenging and difficult personalities. Having tested the communications and personality styles of more than 2,000 professionals in seven countries, Byron describes skills vital for communicating effectively face-to-face while improving relations with pressure sensitive and time-stressed individuals – in both the working and non-working environment.

Byron Sabol, Speaker, Business Consultant, book

Taming The Beast - Success With Difficult People is a must read for anyone with a pulse…forget the pulse. Read the book! ….. Phyllis Diller – Comedian, International Entertainer, Philanthropist

How Curiosity Will Help You Achieve Breakthrough Performance

A common trait of nearly every successful professional is unhesitant curiosity. This includes curiosity about their business, their employees, and their stakeholders. Markets are changing so fast along with technology, customer demands, and employee expectations that today’s professionals need a high curiosity level to identify problems and learn new ways to create competitive business and market advantage. This dynamic presentation will demonstrate how to use curiosity to achieve greater business and career success.

Maintaining Meaningful Personal and Professional Relationships In Today's Digital Age

We have more sophisticated methods of communications, but we remain more disconnected than ever. How can people maintain productive personal and professional relationships amid our global 24/7 digital environment of multi-tasking, text-messaging, and e-mails? This presentation answers those questions and more. Calling upon 30years of personal communications experience working with thousands of professionals in three continents, Byron provides key ingredients for staying personal in today' ultra fast-paced working environment.

Persuading Others To Your Point-of View

You may not be in sales, but everyone is selling something! If you need to persuade others to your point-of-view, sell more effectively, or deliver a message that will be understood and acted upon, this presentation shows you how to do just that. In today's electronic driven world, we have more methods of communicating than ever before, yet we remain a society of disconnect. Knowing how to apply skills of persuasion to generate the response you want from others provides a competitive business, personal, and career advantage.

Building Exceptional Client Relationships

Client loyalty as we have known it is dead! Twenty percent of a firm’s long-standing existing clients are receptive to a better offer from another service provider. Adding pricing pressures, competitive bidding, and increasing client demands for enhanced service, means organizations need to have in place clear strategies to build deeper and broader relationships with their clients. This session demonstrates the most important elements for developing client trust through a more focused commitment to creating and sustaining extraordinary client value.

"Byron: I, as many other Certified Medical Assistants in attendance at the Florida Society of Medical Assistants Annual Conference were inspired and motivated after hearing you speak. You were a motivational highlight at our conference!

Mary Morris, CMA (AAMA) - FSMA Education Chair

“Byron, your presentation at The Marketing Forum drew the largest audience in our program history. You stimulated our audience with meaningful and timely information, while demonstrating how to apply these concepts in a results-driven manner. Many thanks for such an enriching presentation!”

Jeffrey Forbes, CEO – The Marketing Forum – Prague, Czech Republic

"Byron: I wish to congratulate you on an excellent presentation at our World Congress in Vancouver and on behalf of the Bureau, I thank you for your valued contribution.”

Malcolm Royal – President – FICPI (1,000 IP Lawyers) – Melbourne, Australia

“Hi Byron, I was in the IAAP meeting last night at Dr. Phillips Hospital where you gave your presentation. It was an amazing presentation. You were spot-on on so many levels, it was truly impressive. Much thanks.”

Belinda Bruce - Disney's Coronado Springs Resort - Orlando, FL

“Byron connects and inspires his audiences. His relevant content is matched with his inspiring delivery for a memorable presentation.”

Joy B. Sabol - Vice President - Communications - Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control

"Hi Byron, I just finished inputting all the surveys for Speaking of Women's Health and your results are 4.17 for your topic and 4.29 for your presentation. These ratings were based on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the best. I also noted a lot of written in comments that said they were unable to attend your session because it was so packed. It sounds like you were well received all around. Congratulations!"

Jennifer Iler - WMFE - TV (PBS) & FM Radio (NPR) - Orlando, FL

"Byron: The exceptionally positive feedback we received from the nearly 90 attendees confirmed the value of your keynote presentation for our nonprofit community. Your morning keynote set a tone of excitement, interaction, and quality professional development for the rest of the day! All of us were very grateful for you time and expertise.”

Susie Bowie - Community Foundation of Sarasota, Florida

“Byron is an excellent speaker who is able to communicate a message at a level where the participant can actually take something away from the session. Byron is able to present in a fun and entertaining way, mixing personal experience with real life practical advice.

Peter D. Freytag, CPA - Chief Operating Officer & CFO - Rocky Vista University- Parker, CO

“Byron, I have been very involved with NECA (National Electrical Contractors Association) for about twenty years now. I would have to state that in all the classes I have taken (well over 150) your class was in the top three that I have ever taken."

Terrell L. Givens -Vice President - Givens Electric Inc. - Livermore, CA

"It was my pleasure to meet you and include you in this year’s event. I got some great reviews from the sessions and hope to call on you for future events. Thanks. "

Ms. Toni Slaton, AAM, Executive Director - Automotive Management Institute

A Sampling of Speaking Engagements

(certain client presentations remain confidential)


Association for Accounting Administration


Ernst & Young, LLP – Prague, Czech Republic

Florida Institute of CPAs

INPACT Americas – The Netherlands

Institute of Management Accountants

Insurance Accounting Systems Association

• Delaware

• Michigan

• Wisconsin

National Association of Tax Professionals

National Society of Accountants


American Assoc. of Healthcare Administrative Mgmt.

• Florida

• Indiana

American Farm Bureau Federation

American Society of Training & Development

Association for Accounting Administration

Association for Talent Development

Association of Legal Administrators

• Atlanta

• Miami

• Orlando

• St. Louis

International Association of Administrative Professionals

Society of Government Meeting Planners

Construction/Build Industry

California Construction Industry Advancement Fund

Finishing Contractors Association of Illinois

National Association of Homes Builders

National Electrical Contractors Association

• Arizona

• California

• Chicago

• Indiana

• Illinois

• Minnesota

• Pennsylvania

Plumbing Industry Progress & Education

Plumbing and Piping Industry Council

Plumbing Heating and Cooling Contractors Association


National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors

National Association of Personal Financial Advisors

Financial Planning Association

• Florida

• Georgia

• New York

Hospitality, Financial and Technology Professionals

Fund Raising

Association of Professional Fund-raisers


American Assoc. of Healthcare Administrative Management.

American Health Imaging

MedAssets Healthcare Business Summit (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015)

Southern California Dental Hygienists Association

Human Resources

International Association of Management - HR

Society for Human Resources Management

• Florida

• Georgia

• West Virginia


Insurance Accounting Systems Association

• Delaware

• Michigan

• Wisconsin

National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors

Meeting Industry

Helms Briscoe

Hospitality, Financial and Technology Professionals

Hospitality, Sales and Marketing Assoc. Int. HR

Meeting Professionals International

• Charlotte, NC

• Iowa State Conference

• Jacksonville, Florida

• Rockland, Maryland

• Tampa, Florida

Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) – Boston, MA


Hospitality, Sales and Marketing Assoc. Int. HR

Priority Associates

Women Professionals

National Association of Professional Women

Speaking For Women's Health


Detroit Edison

Southern California Edison


Abel, Band, LLP - US

American Association of Attorney- CPA

Association of Legal Administrators

August & Debouzy – Paris, France

Barnes & Thornburg, LLP - US

Bevan Ashford – Bristol, UK

Blue Williams, LLP - US

Bowers, Harrison, Kent & Miller, LLP

Central Florida Paralegal Association

Coudert Brothers, LLP

Dibb Lupton Alsop (DLA) – United Kingdom

• Birmingham

• Leeds

• Liverpool

• London

• Manchester

• Sheffield

Dunhill Madden Butler, LLP – Sydney, Australia

EVERSHEDS, LLP – United Kingdom

• Birmingham

• Broadway

• Harrogate

• Liverpool

• London

• Manchester

• New Castle

• Norwich

• York

• Wales

FICPI International World Congress (1,000 lawyers from four continents)

• Vancouver, BC

• Washington, DC

Florida Paralegal Association

Gilbert Kelly Crowley Jennett, LLP

Goodsill, Anderson, Quinn & Stifel, LLP

Gust Rosenfeld, LLP

Hazeltine Lake, LLP – Bristol, UK

Henderson Franklin – Attorneys at Law

Hillsborough County Bar Association

International Paralegal Management Association

Jacksonville, Florida Bar Association

Kennedy Van der Laan, LLP - The Netherlands

Keogh Ritson, LLP - Bolton, UK

Konrad & Partners, LLP – Vienna, Austria

Last Cawthra Feather, LLP - UK

Law Marketing Association

• Florida

• Georgia

• Minnesota

Law Marketing City Group - Tampa. FL

Manches, LLP - London. UK

Mason, Hayes & Curran, LLP – Dublin, Republic of Ireland

Masons, LLP– London, UK

Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker, LLP

Paule, Camazine & Blumenthal, LLP

Richards Butler, LLP – London, UK

Rutan & Tucker, LLP

Sarantitis & Partners, LLP – Athens, Greece

Smith Knowles Attorneys


Client Comments

 Management Committee Partner

120 Fee-Earner US Firm

When I was on the management committee of a Los Angeles law firm I had retained the services of Mr. Byron Sabol on several occasions. Mr. Sabol presented at group meetings with our general partners as well as to smaller breakout groups on separate dates. I can say without equivocation that Mr. Sabol was simply the best marketing consultant that I have ever come across."

“Our retention at that time singularly had to do with training my partners about marketing our firm. Mr. Sabol was incisive and focused. His written materials were effective and his follow up was without equal. In my personal opinion, if Mr. Sabol is provided candid information about a firm and its goals and the participants of the seminars take full responsibility to follow up on his directives, success will follow."

“Although I am no longer with my old firm, I still utilize Mr. Sabol’s methods and input and have benefited greatly because of that.” 
- The Honorable Michael B. Donner, Riverside County (California) Superior Court

Client Comments - Senior Partner

240 Fee-Earner UK Office

Byron... has given us tremendous value. In particular, he has helped us to develop our client care and business development programs. There is no doubt that they have made an enormous contribution to the progress of our practice. Our approach to client care, which owes very much to Byron, has given us a significant competitive advantage.”
- Adrian D. Bland, Partner - Birmingham, United Kingdom

Client Comments - Partner

900 Fee-Earner USA Firm

Unquestionably, Byron Sabol is the best client development resource I have ever experienced. Any professional service firm that is serious about regional or international client development would benefit significantly from Byron’s assistanceSabol is the platinum standard among law firm marketing consultants.”
Thomas P.  BrennanPartner – Former Head of Bankruptcy Practice – Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker, LLP               

Client Comments - Firm Marketing Director

110 Fee-Earner UK Firm     

"As the Business and Marketing Director of a major UK law firm, I have found Byron’s services essential and highly beneficial in both training lawyers in the art of client management and new business development and in providing clear strategic guidance in the field of business management."

“Byron combines a down-to-earth approach with what is clearly a wealth of experience in dealing with lawyers and I trust his business guidance implicitly. I intend to use his services again in the near future and beyond as he represents good value for money.”
Michael O’Donnell, Manchester, United Kingdom       

Client Comments – Marketing Partner 

25 Fee-earner US Firm

“Our law firm has consulted Byron Sabol with regard to issues of developing and strengthening relations with clients. Personally, Byron’s efforts were a breadth of fresh air to a previously stale environment. We now approach the idea of client contacts in a new light.  I, for one, have found that his methods work and that clients indeed appreciate our contacts.” 
- Terry Noffsinger, Evansville, Indiana

Client Comments – Partner and Department Co-Chair

2,100 Fee-earner UK Firm

“My firms has been working with Byron Sabol for upwards of seven years now. The vast majority of our work has been in the area of client care and client relationship management and it is hard to overstate the significance of Byron’s contribution to our business success."

Byron’s work has enabled us to secure a marketing advantage which we still retain. Our client care skills are now used by us to differentiate our firm from our competitors on tenders for new work- this has been a very successful exercise. Byron has also worked at all levels of our organization and is equally at home with partner groups as he is with support staff."

“His teaching style is relaxed and participative and training sessions which he runs are always  fun – this is important to us as we find that it helps to keep people’s attention. Byron has also done some work with us in auditing the quality of our services delivered to our clients. This has involved him with clients themselves and we have had nothing but positive feedback about that work too. All in all, Byron’s contribution to the growth of our business over the years has been huge.” 
- Martin Hopkins, Partner - Birmingham, United Kingdom

Client Comments - Head Of Property Law Practice

240 Fee-Earner UK Office

We have the highest regard for Byron. We have worked with him for about five or six years now and he has made a major impact on our whole approach to client care and development."

Byron revolutionized the approach that we take to looking after our clients. I am convinced that this has contributed in a major way to client satisfaction, and has undoubtedly given us a competitive edge over our competitors."

"Byron is happy to work with in the abstract, but is perhaps at is best in dealing with specific client issues. His Consultative Selling Skills Course now forms a plank of our skills training program for our young lawyers. I would have no hesitation in recommending Byron to you.”
Meg Heppel, Partner - Birmingham, United Kingdom

Client Comments - Director Of Professional Development 

2,100 Fee-Earner UK Firm

“We regard ourselves as innovative in our approach to our business winning activities and Byron has played a significant part in the development of that approach. He has worked within our firm for seven years, which in itself is testimony to the value of the work he has done; we have continued to consult him widely and regularly over that period."
Alistair Roberts, London, United Kingdom

Sabol Consulting Clients

(Certain clients remain confidential)

Abel, Band - US

Advani - India

August & Debouzy - France

Barnes & Thornburg - US

Bevan Ashford – UK

Blue Williams - US

Bowers, Harrison, Kent & Miller - US

Byrne Wallace – Republic of Ireland

Dibb Lupton Alsop - UK

• Birmingham

• Leeds

• Liverpool

• London

• Manchester

• Sheffield

Dunhill Madden Butler - Australia


• Birmingham

• Liverpool

• London

• Manchester

• New Castle

• Norwich

• York

• Wales

Gilbert Kelly Crowley Jennett - US

Goodsill Anderson Quinn & Stifel - US

Gust Rosenfeld - US

Hazeltine Lake - UK

Kennedy Van der Laan – The Netherlands

Keough Ritson - UK

Konrad & Partners - Austria

Last Cawthra Feather – UK

Manches - UK

Masons - UK

Richards Butler - UK

Rutan & Tucker - US

Sarantitis Law Firm – Greece

Smith Knowles - US

SONY – Czech Republic

Thomas Cooper - UK

Wessing – Germany

Withers & Rogers – UK



Professionals today have more choices than ever in how they invest their time, energy, and the firm’s money to develop new business. Some professionals wisely invest their time and money - many do not. Those who do not, are disadvantaged in the marketplace.

♦ Client Development Skills Training

♦ Client Feedback Programming

♦ Consultative Selling Skills

♦ Cross-Marketing

♦ Industry-Specific Marketing

♦ International/Regional Business Development    Strategy

♦ Personal Introductions to Decision Makers Who
   Can Hire You

♦ Practice Group Market Strategy

♦ Winning The Competitive Bid

Sabol clients from 12 countries find each of these activities invaluable for generating  new business from local, regional, and international markets, while expanding relationships with clients and prospects.


Byron G. Sabol is an international speaker, consultant and author.

His speaking engagements in three continents include audiences from a wide variety of industries and professions. Mr. Sabol has serviced clients in12 countries. Byron and his staff pioneered business generation, personal communications, client service, and career advancement methodologies currently utilized by professionals in the US, the UK, and Europe. His consulting clients include some of the most successful and prestigious professional service firms in the United States, UK, and Europe.

As Executive Vice President of the largest promotional fund for the Mechanical Construction Trades Industry in North America, Byron was awarded the Diogenes Award presented by the University of Southern California School of Business and the Sales and Marketing Executives Association of Southern California for Excellence In Consumer Education.

Byron Sabol, Speaker, Business Consultant, book

Mr. Sabol is author of the popular book, Taming The Beast: Success With Difficult People [ByeCap Press].

He has a bachelor's degree in Marketing and an MBA in Management with Honors. He has been a part-time faculty member at five universities in California and Florida. He has more than 30 articles published by professional journals in the US and Abroad.

On a personal note, Byron's wife, Joy, is Vice President of Communications for Lockheed Martin Corporation, and their daughter, Kathleen, is pursuing her Doctorate Degree at the University of Florida.

Phone: 407-909-1572