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© Your Secret Weapon: Creating the Ultimate Business and Career Relationship

Today’s challenging business environment demands engaging and re-engaging stakeholder relationships at a higher and more meaningful level. This presentation provides a seven-step method for taking relationships to a higher, more meaningful level by creating advocates.

By creating advocates – those individuals who will say great things about you when you are not around – you are creating a win-win for all involved. Three entities benefit from this process: 1.) you; 2.) your stakeholders; and 3.) your organization. The content in this presentation is original and unique. To the best of my knowledge, no one is presenting these concepts.

Grounded in emotion, your relationships soar to unprecedented levels. This presentation demonstrates how to achieve the ultimate emotional connection with individuals who impact your business success, your career, and your life.

Speaking Schedule

Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS)
Phoenix, AZ – November 18, 2021

© Success With Difficult People

Frustrated from trying to communicate with that difficult co-worker, boss, student, or colleague? We all experience individuals whose communications and personality can present roadblocks to effective face-to-face communications and productivity. This presentation draws from my 30 years communication experience with professionals in three continents and my book,

“Success With Difficult People” [ByeCap Press], to demonstrate how professionals can learn to communicate and to deal with challenging and difficult personalities. Having tested the communications and personality styles of more than 2,000 professionals in seven countries, I describe skills vital for communicating effectively face-to-face while improving relations with

pressure sensitive and time-stressed individuals – in both the working and non-working environment.

Here is what a few audience leaders have to say

“Mr. Sabol: Your presentation at the Managing Partners Conference in Brussels was top drawer in both content and delivery. As you know we had senior management from eight countries from Germany to Mexico. Your stimulating presentation made our Conference a huge success.”

Henry Anson  – Sales Director – The Ark Group – London, United Kingdom

Byron: You are a superstar!”

Louise Anderson – President – Incentive Marketing Association

“Byron: I found your presentation valuable, stimulating, and rejuvenating.”

Dan Davis – Architect (AIA) – Port St. Lucie, FL (National Assoc. of Home Builders National Convention)

It is hard to overstate the significance of Byron’s contribution to our business success.

 All in all, Byron’s contribution to the growth of our business over the years has been huge.”

Martin Hopkins, EVERSHEDS (3,000 lawyer international law firm)  – Birmingham, UK)

“Hi Byron, I just finished inputting all the surveys for Speaking of Women’s Health and your results are 4.17 for your topic and 4.29 for your presentation. These ratings were based on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the best.  I also noted a lot of written in comments that said they were unable to attend your session because it was so packed.  It sounds like you were well received all around.  Congratulations!” 

Jennifer Iler – WMFE – TV (PBS) & FM Radio (NPR) – Orlando, FL

Dear Byron: Your presentation on Developing Client Advocates is one of the most straight forward and

 immediately useful presentations I have heard in a long time.”

Richard Grome – Financial Planners Association – Atlanta, GA


“Byron: You were the star of the day!  Comments made by delegates included: ‘enjoyable,

original; inspired, strong delivery, dynamic, used great examples, reinforced and helped

my focus’. As an organiser, I would highly recommend Byron!

Chris Kohut – Director Century Communication  – London, UK

“Byron is an excellent speaker who is able to communicate a message at a level where the participant can actually take something away from the session. Byron is able to present in a fun and entertaining way, mixing personal experience with real life practical advice.

Peter D. Freytag, CPA – Chief Operating Officer & CFO – Rocky Vista University- Parker, CO

“Dear Byron: I hope you had a good journey back home after that most stimulating presentation to us on the ‘Strategic Success Of Our Firms’. The presentation was timely for our growing accountancy practice in Kenya. We intend to develop our practice further using the guidelines used in the presentation…….

Owen N. Koimburi – Name Partner – Koimburi, Tucker & Muya (CPA Firm) – Kenya, Africa